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Have you been baptized? Were you baptized as a baby, as a child, as an adult? Was water sprinkled on you, poured on you, or were you immersed? Does baptism get you into heaven? What happens if you don’t get baptized? Do you have questions about baptism? Would you like to be baptized? The topic of baptism raises a lot of questions and the Bible has answers!

Register today for the Discovering Baptism Seminar. Held during each gathering, this seminar will cover the important step of baptism. We’ll answer the big questions and your questions. Then you’ll have the opportunity to be baptized at our Baptism Event on Feb 3rd, if you decide baptism is the right next step for you.

We do not perform infant baptisms at The Quest. Children should be old enough to understand the basics of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ and personally choose to be baptized as a testimony of their faith. We recommend children be at least 6 or 7 years old before baptism.

Children under age 13 must attend the “Discovering Baptism Seminar” accompanied by at least one parent or guardian on Sunday, Jan 27th, 10am & 11:30am gatherings. This seminar is led by our Children’s Ministry director. For more information about baptism for children contact Meredith Dunn.

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